New CD from WERGO/Schottantheil the futurist CD cover

Guy Livingston, pianist
“Antheil the Futurist”
Piano music of George Antheil


American Record Guide
Livingston's playing is assured and expert... Wergo's superb engineering captures Livingston's instrument with exemplary strength, clarity, and immediacy.  Why can't everyone record the piano this well?

Antheil’s perfect champion

LA Times
An exceptionally agile and charismatic performer

BBC Music Magazine
A fine rich piano sound; Livingston’s playing is highly accomplished.

His interpretations, like his pianism, deserve the highest praise.

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hells bells Guy Livingston alarm time fire! music
  1. Fourth Sonata for Pianoforte: Jazz Sonata (1923)
    As rapidly as it is possible to execute […] like a player piano
  2. Sonatina für Radio (1929)
    Allegro marcato
  3. Valses Profanes with an Introduction of Fireworks (1919)
    [Rubinstein ms]
  4. Valses Profanes  {First Recording}
    Golden Bird, after Brancusi (1919/21)
  5. Quasi gong
    Second Piano Sonata: The Airplane (1922)
  6. i. As fast as possible
  7. ii. Andante moderato
  8. Swell Music (c. 1928)  {First Recording}
    Third Piano Sonata: Death of Machines (1923)
  9. i. Moderato
  10. ii. Accelerando
  11. iii. Accelerando
  12. iv. Accelerando
    Fifth Piano Sonata für lieber Juri (1923)
  13. nicht schnell, mechanistically
    Sonate Sauvage (1923) [Sacher ms]
  14. i. À la nègre – Allegro vivo
  15. ii. Snakes – mesmero moderato
  16. iii. Drum-like – more slowly  {First Recording}
  17. iv. Ivory
  18. Little Shimmy (1923)
  19. For Merle (1925)  {First Recording}
    Overture & Tango aus der Oper Transatlantic (1928/30)
  20. Overture  {First Recording}
  21. Tango
    Suite for piano 4-hands (1922; rev. 1939)  {First Recording}
    Pianists: Guy Livingston, Philippe Keler
  22. i. Grand March
  23. ii. One Violin Lesson for Two Pianists
  24. iii. As I Remember My Aunt
  25. iv. Policeman Turns Detective
  26. v. The Fireman’s Ball
  27. vi. Trentoniana
  28. vii. Picture in my Geography Book
  29. viii. Vaudeville Hookey
  30. ix. Habañera
  31. x. Italian Grocery Calendar
  32. xi. The Dastardly Spaniard
  33. xii. Romance from a Forbidden Novel
  34. xiii. The Delightfully Mad Señorita
  35. xiv. Galop for Horatio Alger

  36. Serpent mécanique (1921)  Arranged for piano 6-hands. {First Recording}
    Pianists: Guy Livingston, Philippe Keler, Stéphane Leach


Profane Waltzers courtesy of Arthur Rubinstein Music Collection, The Juilliard School Library.
Swell Music courtesy of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.
Thanks to the Paul Sacher Foundation, Basel, Switzerlandfor permission to study the Sonate Sauvage.
For Merle courtesy of Mauro Piccinini.
Transatlantic Overture recorded here for the first time, courtesy of Universal Edition.
Tango aus der Oper Transatlantic arranged for piano by Alexander Steinbrecher (1930).
Thanks to G. Schirmer, Inc. for essential research on the Suite for piano 4-hands.
Serpent Mécanique arranged for piano six-hands from the original pianola roll, by Guy Livingston, with permission of Marc-André Hamelin.
Thanks to the Estate of George Antheil for permission to use the manuscript scores.

This CD was made possible with financial support from:
Wergo Records
Aaron Copland Fund for Music
Pro Musica Viva - Maria Strecker-Daelen Stiftung
Composers Guild of New Jersey

Produced by Le Piano Ouvert and Stichting Transatlantic.
Fazioli Piano F278 tuned by Jean Michel Daudon.
Recorded in Paris, Spring 2013 on Neumann U87 microphones. DCS 904, Lovardin Technologies.
Recording, editing and artistic direction by Joël Perrot.
Liner notes by Mauro Piccinini.


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